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Evaluation of the patients medical condition & requirements

Monitoring and education of chronic and non-chronic disease

Specific Nursing Procedures away from hospitals and doctors consultation rooms has been identified as a definite need in the primary care market.

Respite Care

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Restorative Care

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Short-Term Care

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Healthcare Facilities Management

Healthcare facilities management is constantly required to maintain a clean and healthy medical environment. It is also imper…Read More Here

Primary Care

The primary care division of UH, offers services to individuals in need of care. UH identified that individuals require care away from hospitals – for example in the safe environment of their own homes, especially if the individuals’ mobility is impaired. The two focus areas in this division are Home Health Care and Specific Nursing Procedures.

Home Healthcare

UH offer quality home health care services at the client’s home or chosen facility. This includes short and long term patient care. At registration for the services an evaluation of the client’s condition and requirements are made by a registered nurse. The applicable nurse is then placed according to the client’s need. This service is typically offered to those clients who are in need of nursing assistance at home after for example surgery, or a client who is too weak and needs assistance with basic care around hygiene, nutrition and mobility.

  • 24 Hour quality home health services situated at the client’s home or facility
  • Short & long term patient care
  • Evaluation of the patients medical condition & requirements
  • Monitoring and education of chronic and non-chronic disease
  • Disease prevention and management
  • Nursing procedures eg. Wound care
  • Nursing staff replacement

With the introduction of managed care, however, medical insurers are becoming more aware of maintaining the individual’s health, thus decreasing the cost of prevention.  

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