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About Us

UH has been established in 1988, the client care base has grown more than 50% with continuous growth opportunities. The structure of the company enables UH to adapt to market needs. For this reason UH offers services 24/7 and nationally in South Africa. UH is also offering intellectual property and assistance to similar companies outside the borders of South Africa.

The following organogram is a representation of the current company structure.


Human Resources

UH realises that the human resources are the most important part of offering services. Over the years UH has built quite an extensive database and with the necessary induction and quality management processes in place. Thus UH is able to offer reliable quality services to clients. Care is taken that all the legal, occupational and scope of practice regulations are adhered to.

Information Management

Information Management is very important part of offering quality and sustainable services in the health care market. UH has aligned with an information technology partner that supports current applications and develops new software tools to deal with the ever changing needs of all the various different services offered at UH. The importance of reliable, relevant and accurate reporting is understood. Processes are carefully planned to manage client’s expectations. The reporting tools made available to UH management, enables constant evaluation and improvement of processes.


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