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Home Based Nursing Care

What is home care nursing?

Home based nursing care is a nursing speciality in which nurses provide treatment to patients of all ages, with various needs. Having home health care conducted is a cost-efficient way of delivering care whilst the patient is in the comfort of their own home. Home care nurses assist patients to achieve goals, based on the conditions they have been diagnosed with. Home care nurses assist with rehabilitation and therapeutic methods to insure patients are comfortable and follow a recovery plan. Home healthcare is generally used by clients that are well enough to be discharged from hospital, but do still require a skilled nurse to asses and oversee them.

There are a vast range of services that home care nursing has to offer which include services such as wound care, therapy, disease control, medical social services and patient education. Home care nurses have a vast range of duties that they carry out, including liaising with doctors on the status of their patient, this helps doctors understand the way their patients are recovering and are able to asses and further assist the patient even though they are not in hospital.

A few of the other responsibilities of a home care nurse include emotional support to patients as well as basic care such as personal hygiene for patients. They also coordinate services from various disciplines of the patient, namely physical rehabilitation and pharmaceutical dispensing.

Unique Health offers quality home health care services at the client’s home or chosen facility. This includes short and long-term patient care. At registration for the services an evaluation of the client’s condition and requirements are made by a registered nurse. The applicable nurse is then placed according to the client’s need. This service is typically offered to those clients who are in need of nursing assistance at home after for example surgery, or a client who is too weak and needs assistance with basic care around hygiene, nutrition and mobility.

  • 24 Hour quality home health services situated at the client’s home or facility
  • Short & long term patient care
  • Evaluation of the patients medical condition & requirements
  • Monitoring and education of chronic and non-chronic disease
  • Disease prevention and management
  • Nursing procedures eg. Wound care
  • Nursing staff replacement

With the introduction of managed care, however, medical insurers are becoming more aware of maintaining the individual’s health, thus decreasing the cost of prevention.


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