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Laboratory Services

A medical or clinical laboratory is a lab in which tests are conducted on medical specimens, these tests are conducted by qualified lab technicians with an end goal of analysing a patient’s specimen to provide feedback to the relevant medical parties. The information provided from the lab is used by the medical personnel to provide medical treatment to the patients, the medical care provided to the patient is based on the results of lab tests. These tests are able to clarify what is hindering a patient’s health and allow for medical personnel to apply the correct form of treatment to a patient. Clinical labs are more geared and focused towards applied science, where as a research laboratory is focused more on an academic basis.

Respite care helps ward of the burnout that comes with caregiving, be it physical or emotional drain.

What do medical labs do?

Medical labs use clinical chemistry to measure various levels of chemical compounds within the human body fluids and tissues. Two of the most common specimens used in medical lab are urine and blood.
A broad spectrum of testing procedures is carried out to measure the various levels of chemical compounds in the blood or urine samples. A few of the compounds that are looked at when reviewing blood or urine samples are things such as electrolytes, hormones, fats, blood glucose levels and protein levels.
Medical labs can range in size and also complexity, with many offering a variety of testing services. Acute care hospitals and medical centres do sometimes have their own labs in house as almost 75% of clinical decisions are based on results from lab testing. Some smaller and more basic hospitals may have a small lab in house that includes basic testing services.

Unique Health’s clinical laboratory services ensure that you don’t have to worry about going to a lab for testing.

Unique Health has a very good relationship with various pathology service providers in South Africa. For this reason, Unique Health has built a database of capable phlebotomists, which then will be placed at various depots on request of the management of the pathology service – where there is a shortage of permanent employed phlebotomists at those specific depots.

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