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Long TermCare

Long term care is administrated in different venues by a range of different care givers, based on a patient’s overall needs. In most instances, long term care is conducted at home by a patient’s family member, however this long-term care facility can also be conducted at a nursing home or an adult day care centre.

The most common form of long term care is generally a patient’s personal care that they are now unable to conduct without supervision. This includes activities such as getting dressed, having a bath, basic grooming, using the lavatory, consuming food and even mobility (getting around). Some patients may require careful administration when simply getting out of a bed or into a chair, long-term care facilities are able to attend to these needs of the patient.

Who needs long-term care?

As a caregiver, you are constantly taking care of a person that has a hindering disability, this can be physically tiring as well as dealing with the emotional trauma from the patient, it is only human to feel empathy towards another. However, we all need a break!

Patients that generally require long term care, are patients that suffer from serious ongoing health conditions and or disabilities. Patients that may require long-term care could have suffered from illnesses’ such as a severe stroke or heart attack. As people get older and frailer, they may require long-term care to ensure their own safety and comfort.
Home-based long-term care will include services such as health and personal care as well as emotional support to patients, they are made to feel at home and to live as independently as possible.
Long-term home-based care services can be provided by an array of professionals including paid caregivers, healthcare professionals such as nurses and even therapists.
Unique Health offers long-term care at one of its many frail care facilities around the country, as well as home-based long-term care by the relevant professional staff that have the skills and capabilities of making a patient feel at home and as comfortable as possible.

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