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Occupational Healthcare

Occupational healthcare is a service that assists a company’s staff members to ensure that their relevant place of work is safe and healthy in accordance to the law. Using occupational healthcare services allows for professionals to come in and review working conditions in corporations, advising staff and employers of changes that may be required to comply withHealth and Safety laws.

Occupational healthcare assessments include the analysis of various health hazards found within the workplace. This assessment includes the surveillance of various factors within the working environment as well as working practises which can affect an employee’s health negatively. A systematic approach is used to analyse possible occupational accidents and or occupational diseases that can range from mild to serious based on the relevant working environment.

Occupational healthcare services can also include the organisation and planning out of a working environment prior to the development of it. This would include the correct placement of equipment and substances that will be used in the everyday working environment to minimize overall health risks to employees. Providing good solid advise, training and overall education of work place hazards are also conducted by your Occupational Healthcare service. Workers overall health in relation to work is also observed to ensure safety within the work place. Occupational healthcare services also ensure that first aid equipment as well as correctly trained staff are in place to attend to minor injuries/sickness.

Unique Health offers the following Occupational Healthcare services

  • Consulting
  • OHS & Legal Compliance (reporting back to applicable legal bodies, i.e. DME)
  • Mobile & Fixed Clinic
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Disability Management
  • Executive Wellness Programmes
  • Chronic And Non-Chronic Disease Management (very similar to PHC service offered)
  • Legally Required First-Aid Training & Kits
  • Legally Required Health and Safety training
  • PPE sourcing and management
  • Hazardous Substance Control
  • Medical Surveillance (Entry, Exit and Periodic medical according to industry standards and risks specific employees are exposed to)

Baseline Medical Surveilance:

  • Questionnaire – Medical & Occupational
  • Hazardous Substance Questionnaire
  • Physical Examination
  • Vital Signs
  • BMI
  • Urine Test
  • Keystone Vision
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • X-rays & Pathology
  • SHEQ Interventions

Should you require an assessment conducted on your working environment kindly contact Unique Health and one of our many capable staff will be able to assist with your query.

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