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Post Surgery Care

Post surgery care, better known as post-operative care is the medical care that a patient receives after a surgical procedure is conducted. The types of postoperative care that are carried out are dependant on the surgery a patient has undergone as well as your health history. Postoperative care is inclusive of wound care as well as the management of pain a patient feels.
Respite care helps ward of the burnout that comes with caregiving, be it physical or emotional drain.

Post surgery care begins immediately after a patient is done with surgery. Generally lasting for the entire duration of a patient’s hospital stay, postoperative surgery however is not bound to hospitals only. Home health care after surgery is also known as post-operative care and means exactly that, care facilities such as Unique Health offer post care surgery from the comfort of a patient’s home.

Helpful hint: Prior to your surgery, ask your doctor what the post-surgery care will include. This essentially allows you to prepare for your post-operative surgery. Based on the outcome of your surgery, doctors may review the postoperative care to cater for any changes that may have come across after your surgery was conducted.

The process from surgery to the road to recovery will work like this:

After surgery is completed, you will be relocated to a recovery room within the hospital or care facility, whilst there, your vitals such as blood pressure, breathing, temperature, and pulse are monitored as the anesthesia wears off. After waking up, a feeling of grogginess can be felt, this is due to the wearing effects of the aesthetic and is absolutely normal. Once you have woken up, an assessment will be conducted to monitor your vitals as well as an allergic reaction check. The allergy check is mainly due to the fact that some people may have reactions to the anesthetic.

Once your vitals are stable, you will be moved out of the ER to a hospital room that you will occupy whilst you recover from your operation. Should long-term care be required, you can contact Unique Health to assist with home-based, long-term care.

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