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Respite Care

Respite care is simply relief from care giving duties when you are responsible for the care of a loved one who requires to be constantly monitored and cared for. Caregivers that generally tend to seniors of the community that are physically or emotionally challenged often need a little bit of time off for themselves.

Respite care helps ward of the burnout that comes with caregiving, be it physical or emotional drain.

Caregivers should never have to have the feeling of guilt for taking a bit of time of for themselves, it does not show that your resent your duties or would prefer someone else to do your work, but everybody needs a break sometimes. A simple 2 hour break from daily duties can help caregivers feel refreshed and renewed. You can’t take care of anyone else if you yourself are physically and emotionally drained.

Who needs respite care?

As a caregiver, you are constantly taking care of person that has a hindering disability, this can be physically tiring as well as dealing with the emotional trauma from the patient, it is only human to feel empathy towards another. However, we all need a break!

Respite care allows you as a caregiver to take some time off from the caregiving duties whilst another cares for your loved one. You can ask friends or family to assist or you can seek the assistance of a medical care facility such as Unique Health.

Respite care doesn’t have a specific time period that it runs for, it all depends on the caregiver, only they will be able to stipulate how long they require time away from their loved one.

Both skilled and non-medical respite care givers can come to your loved one’s place of residence to assist with care whilst you are away on a break. Adult respite care is offered through some senior centres whilst some other residential facilities also have this on offer. Unique Health is a provider of respite care and will be able to assist with any forms of respite care that are required.


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