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Restorative Care

Any restorative care program assists those that have been affected by conditions such as a strike or other neurological injuries. They may no longer require specific care but do require a slower form of rehabilitation which is referred to as restorative care. This type of programs allows patients to achieve their highest possible level of personal level function whilst working at a slightly more relaxed pace.

A Restorative care team will include the likes of nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers and also physicians.

Restorative care patients generally require a longer stay in hospital, this stay can generally range from a 45 day to 60 day stay. Patients placed in restorative care typically receive personal therapy at a minimum of 3 days a week, this helps patients grow stronger at a slower pace in order for them to meet their end goals.

A restorative care team would work close with friends and family of the patient to reach their highest and most prominent level of ability, increase their quality of life and also build up the patient’s independence. The key focus for restorative care patients is to maximise their function with lower intensity but higher durations of therapy through their stay in a care facility.

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